Bucket List

Time to recap on life… Mom visited me, I am in love with Prague, I have already started my christmas shopping, Zoe was in Paris, and I have started looking for furniture for my new house!

With only a few more weeks left in Paris it is time to make the cliche bucket list:

- eat at Chez Janou

- go to the Moulin Rouge

- eat more Laduree

- buy something vintage

- navigate the Louvre successfully

- go to the Rodin museum

- go to a hammam

- ride the ferris wheel in the Tuileries

- buy a sparkly dress

Me, Mel, and Amanda!

Me, Mel, and Amanda!

I think that playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.

Kate Spade

I am too excited for Halloween tomorrow! I still need a costume though… 

Vacation in Paris

This vacation is very strange, and although it still hasn’t officially begun I think it is safe to say that it is an adventure.  Cite U is a little bit quieter but my life has gotten a little bit louder.  Friday Amy and I wandered around sampling as much food as possible (pastries, cookies, sandwiches, etc.) and enjoyed getting lost and found in the perfect chaos of Paris.  However, Saturday was the true beginning of our adventure.  After sleeping in and finally deciding that it was time to face the world we set out into Paris with the anticipation of finding Angelina pastries and mimosas.  What we discovered was so much better.  

Beginning at Notre Dame and a quick lunch in the Latin Quarter we headed towards the Louvre.  We were side tracked when we found ourselves walking a whole street lined with pet shops and had to fulfill our longing for our animals at home and pet a few kittens and puppies.  Then a casual stroll down Rue de Rivoli brought us to a monoprix in the 1st… which then led us to a bottle of champagne… which then led us to two reclining chairs in the Tuileries.  After some people watching, champagne sipping, and good conversation we continued our wanderings.  We made stops in Miu Miu, Giuseppe Zanotti, and the infamous Colette.  Then Hotel Saint-Honore where we searched for an illusive bathroom… then we wandered through the Ritz looking for a bathroom, and then finally found ourselves in Le Grand where, at last, we found a bathroom!  A stop into BCBG and we were off to St. Germain on the metro.  We wandered some more, found ourselves lost and then discovered that we were back in the latin quarter!  We found the nearest bar/club with the most fun atmosphere and took advantage of happy hour and more people watching.  I hope I’m not boring you but the night was still young and it was time for dinner… crepes at the nearest cafe were our next stop where we made friends with our fellow patrons and waiter… then it was time to go home.  We eventually found our beds but not before we attempted to break into the Belgium house by trying to slide through the basement windows.  We gave up and were in bed by 12.  

Today was much more low key, I ate some pizza, watched some movies and got lots of much needed sleep.  Tomorrow is Halloween though which means it is time for another adventure…  

Catacombs with Molly!

Catacombs with Molly!


So far this fall break is off to a fantastic start.  A trip to the Catacombs has gotten me in the Halloween spirit and the new Michael Buble christmas album is getting me in the mood for christmas.  Tonight is Elizabeth’s birthday and we will be celebrating in style at Cite U of course.  Tomorrow begins the anxious anticipation of my mothers arrival in Paris, perhaps a trip to the OPI nail bar or Laduree is in order.  

pretending I’m about to fall asleep in this bed… 

pretending I’m about to fall asleep in this bed… 

Sunday Ladurée

Today I woke up craving something hot, sweet, and preferably with whipped cream (chantilly to be precise). Out my window all I could see was gray sky, wind, and that light kind of rain that is just icy enough to plague your get-ready ritual with questions like ‘should I just stay in bed watching Trueblood re-runs, what is the sweater to sweat ratio on the metro today, and where the hell is my umbrella?’. With the help of some delicious Tumblr inspiration and the energy of my Parisian partner-in-crime Hillary, the decision was made: we were headed to Ladurée.

This iconic patisserie is also home to a restaurant and a prix fixe Sunday brunch (34-44 euro). The intimidating price led us to hope for some hot coffee and macarons but upon recieving the professionally bound many-paged menu with high gloss paper and fancy cursive writing (which I attempted to steal) we were bewitched by Ladurée.

It may have been that the room looked like candy - gold moldings, painted ceilings, pastel place mats, pink bow ties on the waitstaff, and intimate tables - or it could’ve been that everything on the menu sounded so mouth watering. I ordered the Ladurée Club (chicken, avacado, lettuce, tomato, “bacon”) with a small field green salad and Ladurée fries (thickly cut and perfect in every way) as well as a Café Glacé (a failed attempt at iced coffee). My entrée was so light and delicious it is difficult to describe its perfection - just go there and order it. For dessert (the best part), Hillary ordered salted caramel ice cream (amazing), and I ordered crystallized violet ice cream (best ice cream on this planet). Oh and of course I ordered macarons (coffee, raspberry, salted caramel, and orange blossom). The coffee and raspberry were average, the salted caramel was full of caramel and delicious but the orange blossom was by far the best flavor I have ever encountered in my whole life (no exaggeration). It tasted exactly like what an orange blossom smells like; like spring, and flowers, and everything fresh; it melts in your mouth and literally forces you to smile. I don’t think I have ever eaten something that made me smile uncontrollably; this was food for the soul, it makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I know this all sounds ridiculous and made up and impossible but someday you will eat something that makes you feel the same way. Its like that feeling you get when you wake up and actually aren’t tired for the the first time in years, or when you buy a whole new outfit and can’t wait to wear it and have your picture taken, or when you realize you get to call the most beautiful city in the world your home.

The apex of my Paris is an orange blossom macaron. This tiny little thing that sounds kind of gross and costs only a fraction of that Roberto Coin diamond necklace I really want for my birthday (hint hint Dad) is something more than just sugar and a confusing french name; it is cathartic and perfect and addictive.

Every Sunday for the rest of the semester Hillary and I are going to Laduree. We want to try as much as we can on the menu and visit every storefront in Paris and I will eventually succeed in stealing a menu…

Now go find your own orange blossom macaron.

I was five feet to her left when this was taken!

I was five feet to her left when this was taken!